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Something About Cats, and Other Pieces Essay index reprint series. Three proponents of Intellent Desn (ID) present their views of desn in the natural world. Something About Cats, and Other Pieces <u>Essay</u> <u>index</u> <u>reprint</u> <u>series</u>.
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Buffalo History Index - Buffalo Architecture Aa-Ad Ae-Am An-Arb Arc-Az Baa-Barb Barc-Baz Bea-Bem Ben-Bim Bin-Bon Boo-Brh Bri-Brt Bru-Buq Bur-Bz Caa-Caq Car Cas-Cd Ce-Chaq Char-Claq Clar-Cok Col Com Con-Cor Cos-Ct Cu-Cz Daa-Dam Dan-Dau Dav-Dd De A-De L De M-De Z Dea-Dek Del-Deq Der-Dom Don-Dz Ea-Ell Elm-Ez Fa-Fet Feu-Fon Foo-Frd Fre-Fz Ga-Gh Gi-Glt Glu-Gor Gos-Grh Gri-Gz Haa-Ham Han-Haq Har Has-Hem Hen-Hik Hil-Hol Hom-Ht Hu-Hz Ia-Inr Ins-Iz Jaa-Jamd Jame-Jog Joh-Jz Ka-Kim Kin-Kz Laa-Lat Lau-Lee Lef-Lev Lew-Lir Lis-Lon Loo-Lz Maa-Mak Mal-Mark Marl-Marz Mas-Mc C Mc D-Mem Men-Mil Mim-Mon Moo-Mos Mot-Mz Na-Nex Ney-Nz Oa-Ol Om-Oz Paa-Par Pas-Pes Pet-Pid Pie-Pos Pot-Proc Prod-Pz Q Raa-Rax Ray-Repn Repo 1 Repo 2 Repp-Rid Rie-Rob Roc-Ror Ros-Rz Saa-Sam San-Sch Sci-Sel Sem-Sh Si-Sl Sm Sn-Stao Stap-Stn Sto-Sub Suc-Sz Ta-Thn Tho Thp-Tq Tr-Tz U Va-Veq Ver-Vz Waa-Wat Wau-Wes Wet-Wik Wil Wim-Wz Y Z Home Preface Foreword Abbreviations Book Sizes Islands Towns Cross-Reference of Magellan. Mr Robertss Adventures among the Corsairs of the Levant, his Account of their Way of Living; Description of the Archipelago Islands, Taking of Scio, etc. (London: Printed for James ) xvi,45,100,53 pages 8vo, 1 plate, 1 folding plate, 1 folding plan, 2 folding maps, 1699 1st ed; (London) 1965 rep; (Delmar, NY: Scholars' Facsimiles & Reprints, Academic Resources Corp, Maritime History Series, Vol 483) 1993 area. 1st edition exceptionally scarce and valuable; the 1990 edition scarce, a limited edition of 500 copies. The Evans 1809 is very scarce, a limited edition of 325 copies; the 1903 A Selection of Curious, Rare, and Early Voyages and Histories of Interesting Discoveries, Chiefly Published by Hakluyt or at his Suggestion, but not Included in his Celebrated Compilation, to which, Purchas, and other General Collections, this is Intended as a Supplement. See: IR A Man Divided: Michael Garfield Smith, Jamaican Poet and Anthropologist, 1921-1993. Deals with settlement, the advent of sugar cane, the distribution of slaves and whites, the principal towns, imports and exports, government expenditure and administration, parish taxes, the judiciary, and Governors General in the mid-18th century. and since his Death Continued by his Son Richard Hall. (Madison, WI: SALAM Secretariat) x,354 pages, 1980. (London: John William Parker) viii,408 pages post 8vo Railways of South and Central America: A Manual Containing Statistics and other Information Concerning the Important Railways of South and Central America, Mexico, and the West Indies. Buffalo History <i>Index</i> - Buffalo Architecture
Buffalo 1816, 1832. Fagant, John, Buffalo's Name; Grasso, Thomas, The Erie Canal's Western Terminus - Commercial Slip, Harbor Development and Canal District

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